Transparent pricing for Swiss E-tax statements

(April 2023) datalevel - The newly launched price calculator allows financial intermediaries to calculate the service costs for producing Swiss E-tax statements, based on complexity factors and order volume. A unit price per statement and period applies, regardless of the number of portfolios and positions.

The service costs include the initial and annual certification with the Swiss Tax Conference (SSK), where datalevel has been recognized as a provider for several years. Adjustments to the E-government standard underlying the E-tax statement are taken into account, and we take care of the technical development. Highest automation, comprehensive and intelligent processes for analysis and tax-compliant treatment of corporate actions, cancellations, reinvesting fund income are enabled by our Data Refinery Box (DRB) for highest quality and traceability. The current price information of the Federal Tax Administration (FTA) is automatically integrated into the process. 

Whether you are a bank, asset manager, investment platform provider, or robo-advisor: Our long-standing expertise enables you to focus on your core business. The initial onboarding requires minimal engagement of your IT resources. So save time, nerves, and costs and trust us with this process. 

You dont offer E-tax statements to your customers yet? Offer them now! 

Already implemented it? Check your potential savings and quality improvements with our price calculator! 

Either way, there is a good reason to talk to us! 

Tax Declaration - Fully Digital: Cooperation with Saxo Bank Schweiz AG

(Press Release, Zurich, March 2022) Saxo Bank – Specialist for online Trading and Investment – has entered a cooperation with the Zurich based fintech datalevel to offer electronic tax statements to their clients. Swiss residential clients of Saxo Bank can from now receive their electronic tax statement starting with tax year 2021. Utilizing the electronic tax statement substantially reduces their effort to declare taxes in Switzerland and helps Saxo Bank to further optimize their processes.    

In order to generate the electronic tax statement, datalevel consolidates all relevant data of the applicable tax period. The statement includes a detailed compilation of assets, cash-holdings, earnings, debts and tax-deductible fees. Clients of Saxo Bank can import the data to their cantons tax declaration software in seconds.

Cooperation with the Tax Administration and Swiss Tax Conference 

datalevel fetches the required financial and securities data from Saxo Bank. Client identifying or sensitive data is not needed by datalevel to generate the reports. To compute the tax values, the securities data is automatically matched with the current price data of the Swiss federal tax administration (FTA). As part of their service agreement, datalevel regularly certifies their electronic tax statements with the Swiss tax conference (German: “Schweizer Steuerkonferenz”). Wolfgang Millat, CEO of datalevel “The consolidation of tax relevant data within our data refinery box has been well-established. Enabling Saxo Bank to offer the Swiss electronic tax statements to their clients is another milestone for us.”

About datalevel 

At the center of our solution and service portfolio is our in-house developed data refinery box. As of today, numerous well known universal- and private banks, family offices and wealth managers trust the services of the fintech founded in 2017. In addition to solutions in the tax and compliance applications, the data refinery box is utilized as ‘Open Banking Enabler’ to enable integration of a wide range of systems. Users can utilize the interactive web-platform. Additional services to support further B2X use-cases based on the data refinery box are currently under development. 

Cooperation with «Hypi»: TaxLevel Services for the Finstar® Universe

Our solution is integrated into the Finstar® core banking software of Hypothekarbank Lenzburg AG

TaxLevel services become part of the Finstar® ecosystem. This was agreed on the basis of the signed cooperation agreement between the two companies. The technical connection via the open banking interface of Finstar® is currently under development. This first project phase will be completed by the end of 2018.

Link to the media release of Hypothekarbank Lenzburg AG, dated 5 September 2018 (German): Open-banking – Hypothekarbank Lenzburg AG integriert neues Steuermodell von TaxLevel AG ins Kernbankensystem Finstar®

For TaxLevel AG this cooperation is an important milestone in its still young company history and strengthens us in our chosen path! Our concept has convinced «Hypi» as a pioneer of bank digitization in Switzerland.