Swiss e-tax statement

The Swiss Tax Conference (German abbreviation: SSK) is composed of members of the cantonal as well as the federal tax administration (FTA). Among other things, the association pursues the goal of standardizing Swiss tax practice. In this context, it launched the electronic tax statement project in 2015 for a nationwide introduction of the standardized electronic tax statement. This simplifies the declaration of private assets for all natural persons whose tax domicile is Switzerland. The e-tax statement is based on the e-government standard eCH-0196: The standardized technical exchange format allows all taxpayers to import their e-tax statement into the respective declaration software without media discontinuity - the standard will already be supported by 18 cantons as of tax year 2020.

View a Data Refinery Box e-tax statement example:

Video demo

How to import an e-tax statement into the cantonal declaration solution (in German).

Use case

By using the Yova use case, we can show you what such a service package might look like.