International tax statement

International, parameterizable tax statement. Country-neutral in principle, this statement presents all values in a transparent and comprehensible form. The consideration of transitional regulations ("grandfathering") or the breakdown according to short- / long-term profits and losses (US capital gains) and much more are part of the basic functionality.


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Use case

At the beginning of 2017, a Swiss private bank switched to its new core banking system. As part of the complex Oracle to SQL database migration, datalevel completely controls, consolidates and transfers all existing legacy data. In the process, the database is moved to the infrastructure of a new application service provider. In November 2017, during the progress of the migration project, datalevel received a request to produce tax statements for the banks international customers, including all existing legacy data. In just two months, the tax project is additionally designed and implemented. datalevel produces the international tax statements on behalf of the private bank already for the tax year 2017 based on their Data Refinery Box. Since then, the Zurich-based FinTech has been producing all tax statements and additionally the FTA reclaim forms for withholding taxes.