Data services

The Data Refinery Box is a valuable addition to existing data environments and can act flexibly as a broker service.

Data feed - Finstar

In the case of FinstarĀ®, the Data Refinery Box is connected to the system as a multi-tenant layer. It assumes various functions, for example in the form of an outbound channel for external asset managers. The Data Refinery Box provides them with consolidated transaction, position and valuation data for the managed portfolios on a daily basis - for newly added portfolios, the data feed provides the entire history at the beginning, followed by the daily delta.

Data hub - Data management platform

To support a data management platform for a bank, the Data Refinery Box is used as a data hub and as a dispatching system. On the basis of several, individually configurable trigger criteria, the previously defined data is prepared and distributed for various peripheral systems depending on the business case. To ensure traceability, all events are documented by the system.