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Business Analysis to Client Support

Our service offering is characterized by our holistic approach, high degree of automation, and continuous quality controls throughout the processes. We have long-term experience in technical analysis, integration of third-party systems, and support you from the onboarding of our services to the support of your clients.

All our services utilize our continuously improved Data Refinery Box, which has been in operation for over 10 years.



Declaration, fully digital

With our white-labeled tax services, we provide you with high-quality, annually re-certified e-tax statements, international tax statements, and automated tax refunds for your clients.

Swiss E-Tax Statement

Since the introduction of the eCH-0196 E-Government Standard, tax-liable natural persons in Switzerland can import their tax statement directly into the declaration solution of their canton. The "securities and credits list" is automatically filled out. Do you, as a financial service provider, offer this convenience to your customers?

Datalevel takes care of the production, including the acceptance and annual re-certification process, of Swiss e-tax statements as a managed service.

Details Sample e-Tax Statement

International Tax Statement

White-labeled and highly parameterizable, based on cleansed, consolidated and verified data.

Details Use case private bank

Lump-sum Taxation

For foreign nationals who live in Switzerland and have a corresponding agreement with their canton of residence.

Details Swiss Federal Department of Finance

Tax Reclaim Service

Our Tax Reclaim Service automates the tax refund process for your customers with a residence in Germany and assets in Switzerland.

Details Swiss Federal Tax Administration
Data services

Data services

Autonomous integration layer

With the Data Refinery Box, datalevel owns an autonomous, technical integration layer. This provides financial intermediaries with customized data services in a white label approach. As an open banking enabler for the classic disciplines of "payment", "financing" and "investment", or for opening up additional markets.

Data Feed Asset Managers

Via the Data Refinery Box, banking system data is delivered to external asset managers. Initial and delta loads are managed and provided via the defined output channel in various formats and with the likewise defined periodicity.


Data Hub

Data from various data sources is processed automatically and made available to various recipients.

Data presentation

Data presentation

Interactive user interface

For you and your customers. Web platform that can be adapted to your corporate identity, controlled and personalized by applying a user-role concept. Access protection is ensured by Futurae's authentication solution.

Web Platform

  • White-labeled
  • Adaptable to corporate identity
  • Responsive design
  • User role concept
  • Strong authentication (2FA)
  • Chart integration
  • Widget based dashboard
  • Element configuration by super user
  • Customizable views
  • Optional drill-down functionality
  • Data warehouse compatible, standardized data preparation methodology (facts + dimensions)
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