Your data for your strategy.

Regardless of the format. Internal and external. No matter which source. Whether financing, investing or paying. For your customers, your employees and your management: The Data Refinery Box from datalevel standardises your financial data. It refines them into customer- and bank-specific information and as a basis for decision-making. Our software thus forms a solid basis for the efficient implementation of your banking models and business strategies.

Consistent and specific

Even in the age of big data, financial and banking data is still collected separately for each individual business case and viewed in isolation. This means that valuable information, resources and business are lost. The Data Refinery Box is different: our software uses identical data for a wide variety of business cases. The information is updatable and traceable, allowing you to look back and forward. With the Data Refinery Box, your stakeholders have an individual, consistent basis for decision-making - on this basis you can lead customers and employees, business and operations into a successful future.

More than data: Information

The Data Refinery Box consolidates your financial data. In our fully automated end-to-end process, your data is adapted and checked, cleansed and interpreted. In this way, we transform unstructured, inconsistent financial data from various active, third-party and legacy sources into refined data. This data is made available to you and your organization at any time in a reproducible and comprehensible, transparent and recipient-oriented manner. So that decisions can be made accurately and professionally, and implemented efficiently and effectively.

Flexible in every respect

So much flexibility must be elementary: The Data Refinery Box can be connected directly to your existing banking software, integrated into the kernel or connected via APIs. Our software works in a closed and in an ecosystem. It can be operated as a service in the cloud, on site or as a hybrid. To minimize your costs, the Data Refinery Box is multi-client capable at both database and application level. For companies that prefer to keep their solution to themselves, we also offer stand-alone installations: Your data. Your strategy. Your decision.

Safer is safer than safe

Data is the raw material, information the gold of the future - the Data Refinery Box already meets the highest standards of security today. For the implementation of bank-specific security concepts, we rely on state-of-the-art technologies such as Row Level Security, Dynamic Data Masking or Session Context. Sensitive and non-sensitive data is exchanged separately. Strong Customer Authentication controls and monitors access. And because your data and the handling of your information is constantly changing, we are constantly developing our security concept further. Because: More secure is more secure than secure.

Innovative network. Reliable database.

The financial industry is in a period of radical change: New providers with new ideas are entering the market - the focus is no longer on comparable products but on individual customer experiences. Data is selectively shared, solutions are jointly purchased and developed. Networking and digitalization are redefining value chains. The basis for the implementation of the new business models are open interfaces and a uniform database. With the Data Refinery Box, datalevel provides all financial intermediaries with a data hub for the further development of existing and the development of new business areas.